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A Look at Peoria's Pipes

The City of Peoria created a site to explain what their new stormwater utility bill was for and why it was necessary for everyone to contribute to growing local stormwater issues. It was crucial that the site have a positive and friendly vibe to help curb any negative feelings citizens could have about receiving a new bill. It was also important that the site do a good job of explaining some complicated and not so glamorous topics like pollution, sewer overflows and urban flooding while still remaining optimistic.

Computer Functions Bust Business Excuses

I created this feature illustration for an article in Bradley University's Foster College of Business Alumni magazine. The article was a piece called "Excuse Busting." It took common excuses for low productivity and used a computer function input/output type format to show supervisors how to turn them around. I highlighted the mechanical format of the article with an illustration of an abstract mechanical maze. In the center of the maze was productivity while different things around the edges represented different excuses.

Illini Success

I was asked to create an illustration that could be used as the feature image for an article about job placement rates for University of Illinois students after college. The article spoke for the entire graduate population so the image had to be fairly general. I came up with a slightly painterly scene of an elated individual behind a computer, the suit and atmosphere implying that he is now happily employed. This article was at a tricky spot in the layout where another article started on the adjacent page. The illustration really helped it to stand out as it's own feature.

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