A little about me. 

Hey, I'm Taylor, the illustrator and designer behind Studio Looong. I have been a full-time graphic designer since graduating from college in 2015, but my love for art  goes way back to when I was a kid and my dream job was to be a cartoonist and guinea pig breeder.

While I may not quite be a cartoonist and my love for rodents has wained immensely, I still think I'm living the dream. Today I work 9-5 as a Strategic Design Specialist at the University of Illinois and 5-9 as an Illustrator from the home office that I share with two very long dogs and one giant tortoise.

I want to create work that is playful and exciting but also educational. My goal is to teach people something new or at least pique their interest in a subject enough to get them wanting to find out more all while being organically entertaining.

"What we learn with pleasure we never forget." -Alfred Mercier

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